30 December 2006

06 Now The Future (ASA'05)

Following to "Love is in the Airs" of ASA'04, we were invited to pitch the exhibition design of ASA'05. The theme of the year was 'FTA: Future Thai Architects'. Our idea is to represent future situation of architectural practice in Thailand in the very near future that will have to become international. The space that inspires us is a kind of space which you could call it 'non-place' - a theory of non-place in Marc Auge, a French antropologist - where signs dominate space. The idea of non-place could, on one level, represent 'international space' where everything is flattened into one 'international standard'. On the other level, it suggests the uncertain future that wound need to be directed through different directions, in this case, by signs.

We divide the whole space into tracks to accommodate very stuffed requirements with the least circulation. Although to me, it result was a bit too dense, it was more or less a given condition of this exhibition.

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