08 March 2007

15 Thesis @ all(zone)

Since last Octorber until two weeks ago, all(zone) convention space (actually it is just our meeting room on the ground floor) was transformed into a graduation thesis studio of five students of mine.

The space is more or less a showroom, very visible from the street. It became quite an interesting phenomenon for the neighborhood. Because these kids worked day and night.... (you can imagine how architecture students work). People who were walking by and being stuck in the traffic jam on the street in front of our place were quite curious of what has been going on. (Well, they had quite a good reason to feel so.) Sometimes they even slept on the chairs, 4-5 meters away from the bus stuck in Bangkok heavy traffic. :O

It became kind of common to have an expected guest knocking the door asking what is going on, what they are doing and so on. We learned that people found quite amazed with how architects work. And perhaps it was their first time in life to see such a (crazy) thing.

We also had a good time. :)
While the students were working, some of the visitors and helpers cheered them up with good food and drinks.
As we always say: " work very hard, play even harder, but eat (and drink) the hardest!"

The rehearsal before the final review at all(zone) too.


Architrax said...


ขอบคุณมากครับอาจารย์ ที่เอื้อเฟื้อสถานที่...

Anonymous said...

" work very hard, play even harder, but eat (and drink) the hardest!"

cheers :)