27 December 2007

30 Golden Mountain Temple Fair : งานวัดภูเขาทอง

Last month (November 2007) allzoners went to a temple fair. It was the most famous temple fair in Bangkok at Wat Sakate or Golden Mountain Temple. Usually it would be around Loy Kra Tong Festival in late November. It has been a long time since the last time I visited a temple fair, perhaps more than 10 years...quite excited.

It was a Friday night... extremely crowded that I thought I would be stuck there forever... since there were moments that we could not move at all within the crowd!

Thanks to Narin, Siwat and Tom, my students who guided as around there.. Narin lives nearby, so he went to the fair everyday - man, you were so addictted. Here he is enjoying the food, walking around the fair.

I was impressed by the amount and the kind of goods there sold at the fair... as well as the way they were displayed. Not to mention the colors , my goodness...

My favourite plastic shoes - the goods of the 21st century!

Some unknown substance, supposedly it is an artificial earth which could be use to plant things...:O super artificially colorful.

The light was also another striking feature.. always fluorescent... - very strong indeed.

The most impressive feature to me was all these little game tents sep up by light panels of textiles, with several textures and colors. :) super light architecture. The color combination is very Thai to me too.

Also a wall made out of colorful balloons! isn't it very cool?

Well, next year.. we will all go again, but perhaps not on Friday. :)