14 February 2008

32 The Valentine's Day @ all(zone)

For the Valentine's Season this week, we allzoners, celebrated the week of love by setting up a small installation at our storefront - next to one of the world most renown traffic jam spots of Bangkok.

We got a generous support from Speedy Print printing really a lot of copy of the Valentine Card for us. Now, perhaps, many of you already received the cards we sent out since last week as our Love Greetings :)

After sending thousands of them to you all, we still have many thousands of them left. The installation began here with our little experiments.

Luckily, Doy (Thandon, one of our close gang) who just got back from working in Hong Kong and came by to visit us, also helped a lot with the experiment here. Thanks a lot ka Doy.

After several tries and errors we were able to set up a folding paper wall installtion for the thousands left over cards. The curvy form makes it stay without any additional structure... :) This is how it looks from outside.

From the inside, our meeting room...You can see it is quite curvy in all directions... Looks like Gehry's building :D

The effects of the light getting through the panel is quite nice.. We are thinking about developing it into a skin of a building - another fragile tectonic scheme.

A little rose in a little vase as a symbol of our LOVE.

Yes..... love me, love my works... or you can even... hate me, but love my works! Happy the Valentine's to all.


Anonymous said...

i got your postcard krub!! thank you so much :D
happy happy valentine's to all of you too :)
oh i also love your work na krub heehee :D

Unknown said...

falice san valentino ka'

really cool cards!

urbanomania said...

That's really nice.
The images look like some advertising poster for a lecture by Cecil Balmond... :)

tadesign said...

interesting window display krub.
:> Who is the owner of that rose in the final krub.