08 October 2008

38 all(zone) in Specchio

Last week of August, Specchio, a monthly Friday supplement on design, creativity & innovation of La Stampa - one of the most influential newspapers in Italy - was on The Newest Asian Architecture and City. Here is the cover of the magazine.

Among 16 architects from 4 cities (Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and Bangkok), one page each, all(zone) is selected to be one of them. :-) Here is our page. Of course, we are very happy.

(Just a little bit curious that our portrait is as big as our work! Thanks a lot for Beau who did the shooting for us, if you want to see more of our portrait shot by Beau here is the LINK.)

The other three architects from Bangkok/Thailand in this issue are EAST Architects, Aroon Puritat (whom I wrote in this blog last year here) and Pakorn Mahapant, a long time friend of mine (from junior high school who happened to be an architect as well..) His work is also very nice. This is his page: a spa in SALA Resort in Phuket.

Besides featuring our work, I was asked to write a short essay on Bangkok's architecture and city. Thanks a lot for the invitation from Lucia Tozzi who was in charge of the issue. :-) The cover story page is an image of Bangkok taken by myself last year, when I happened to be in the parking lot of Pantip Plaza, the front side and the back side of Bangkok could be seen as a collage here...

Although very short, we are very happy to be part of the nice magazine/production. Hope to see more works of other young architects from Thailand and other Asian countries again very soon.... (Young man goes East..) :-)


urbanomania said...

congratulations krab. so cool.
is the essay available online somewhere??


Rachaporn Choochuey said...

oh... sorry chai. i don't think it is online. i will send you the english version then.

urbanomania said...

thank you krab khun p'! :)