08 August 2010

52 HJS exhibition @ The Capital of Lotus!

OKMD (The Office of Knowledge Management & Development) of Thailand was established with the intention to transform the country into a knowledge-based society. Several sub organizations were set up to follow 'knowledge' in different sections. TCDC (one of our beloved clients) is one among them. The latest move of OKMD is the project to transform boring public libraries in the province to become more active and accessible by people of all kinds. The project is literally called 'Edible Knowledge Project' (โครงการศูนย์ความรู้กินได้). They set up a first prototype of the library of the future at Ubon Rachathani, a most east province of the country, bordering with Laos.

We were asked to design a very small exhibition for the gallery of the library for the launch of the project on last 24th July.

The exhibition is tailored-made as an outcome of extensive research of the local problems that they have been loosing competitiveness of their products and service without knowing exactly the reasons.

It is an attempt to give a tool for the local to understand how the world is changing through the lenses of knowledge and data so that you could come up with business strength. 'Hed Jung Sii Der, Jung Sii Me Okas" (เฮ็ดจัดสิเด้อ จังสิมีโอกาส) the name of the exhibition in Northeastern dialect, literally means 'do it like this, then you get a change'. The main content is about opportunities of products and services of a new group of the world population so called 'young 50' who have different lifestyle from those 50+ in the past.

The exhibition is rather difficult for us since there is not really an object to display, not key visual that could be striking. We began with the idea of 'searching around to find opportunity in an environment'. The image we had in mind was those of a forest, where ever you look around, it looks the same, but not exactly the same. If you want to find something, you really have to search for it. These are our conceptual models.

Then we got very much inspired by the local tradition of silk. The city is named 'Ubon Rachathani' - the capital of Lotus flower. They have a silk pattern called Lotus pattern here.

The we were trying to make it more 3-dimensional patterns.

We used a very simple and basic materials of EVA (the one we tried to use in Architects'06 exhibition, but did not succeed.) Besides using it for the most common sandals, it is so cheap and so simple that it is available almost every classroom for kid' s art projects. We wanted to use the very common materials in a different approach from what the locals are accustom with. Here is our first 1-1 mock-up of the wall made in the local silk lotus pattern:

We used different colors on each side, so seeing from one side, it will be totally one color, the other side will be totally another depend on your 'point of view'.

Then we searched for more EVA and found several colors available... too nice to resist.

The walls are to house all the information about the 'young 50' who will play a powerful buyers in our globe in the near future. The walls are curvy so that they are more stable. And also we try to create an environment that visitors will always be 'held' in this small exhibition without seeing clearly outside, the curvy walls form the directions and sequences of the exhibition.

Our 1:20 model:

The 2nd 1-1 mock-up. The EVA stripes are basically woven into the very slim steel frames..

The gradient effects of colors that we wanted!

The overall graphic of the exhibition is lead by Amnaj Suriyawongkul and Chatnarong Jinsupatada.

Some of the information is in the form of movie clips, so we had to provide also some LCD displays. Thanks to Buravich, our super contractor of the exhibition for helping us a lot on those small details.

Few weeks ago, we all went to Ubon Rachathani for the set up.

Testing the information panels.

Ready to weave...

Although we had a lot of workers from the contractor, we all wanted to 'weave' them with our hands too, a lot of fun indeed.

Final touch of all the small details, Purich is the king in this realm.

After one full day, we completed the set up. :)

Here it is:

We tried to film the scene of the exhibition because it is almost impossible to take a photo and understand the sequence.

However if you want to see more images, please visit our website. :) And if you have a chance to pass by the Capital of Lotus, please visit the just face-life public library, it is not later than this coming October, you will see the exhibition too. Enjoy!

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