30 December 2006

05 Love is in the Airs (ASA'04)

It was one of the most exciting works I have ever done in Bangkok.
We collaborated with Tanakul Design Group (super exhibition contractor in Thailand) to make a pitch for the work. And we got it :) The idea is how to fill a gigantic space of Impact Exhibition Hall 3,500 sq.m. of 21 m. high with the minimum materials. Inflatable structure was our answer. This way of doing inflatable structure was actually initiate by CICCIO group of Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (www.interaction-ivrea.it).

Another problem to solve is the exhibition display panel. We used simple plastic cups which could be refund after use to be translucent panels.

See the diagrams (Thanks to Pat - Chuti Srisanganwilas - who made the cute diagrams for us)