11 June 2007

24 AllZone @ Architects'07

Last May, at Architects'07 in Bangkok, the biggest building materials and construction trade fair in Southeast Asia, we design two small exhibitions.

The first exhibition is for Siam Gypsum company, the producer of all kinds of gypsum board and its application, perhaps the biggest one in Thailand. Our experiment with new techniques here is the engraving and cutting the boards into a rather elaborated pattern and the curve board. The main feature is these four curves with engraving patterns here. Red is their coperate color... we did not choose. :)

The engraving surface. Thanks to Sora for his patient of working on this difficult integration of the pattern and the structure...it took ages..

The other exhibition is for an automatic faucet system company, SANA, our favorite client whom we have worked with for already three years. Of course, the main thing is the 'interactive' system of water with sensor. Therefore we play with running water on the big wall, like a big water fall. When you get close to the wall, the sensor works and water begins to fall, when you get away, the water stops, the light turn on, so you can read some text on the lower layer. The graphic style tends to be simple, elegant, but lively - the first built job of our Architrax here, congratulations!

Nat is testing the Interactive Wall, it is working!

There are some conventional faucet as well. Look at our potential customer in the future. He is wondering why the water is coming out...

They seem to love the system very much - a little bit too much..:)

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