13 July 2007

25 Way Finding Puzzle: G49 @ TCDC

For those who might not know, Graphic 49 - one of the best graphic design companies in town, is a kind of sister company of our allzone. :) Of course, if our sister has a good news, we would like to share with you.

Last month, G49 was awarded from SEGD (the society of environmental graphic design) as one of 7 best Honor Award of 2007 from their work in Thailand Creative and Design Center (TCDC). ---> Bravo Bravo!

The concept of the environmental graphic design of TCDC comes from their uncertain program and flexlible use of space. G49 proposes a jigsaw-puzzle like system signage system which can be rearranged upon the programs.

The conceptual diagrams:

Luckily, the architect left many empty huge metal claded wall. G49 use it as a signage 'space' where the puzzle can be played. The pieces are able to become a directory board, mapping the space planning of the center --> very intellgent. Because with one system of these pieces you can make directional sign, information sign and directory board altogether... :O

This is a directory board.

Each puzzle piece is designed within a modular system that can be put together in every direction - of course like a jigsaw puzzle.

The directional sign system.

The pieces are made of synthetic PVC, very simple to produce in a low-tech factory. This PVC piece is also embeded with a small magnet, so that it will stay and be taken from the metal claded walls.

The way it is made looks like making a small cake. :)

The installation at TCDC before it was officially open in December 2005.

The overall atmosphere of TCDC with the 'Way Finding Puzzle'.

Isn't it very cute and intelligent? :)

Unfortunately even before G49 received the award for this work, TCDC administation team removed most of the signage and directory board made out of this puzzles away. The reason is simply 'too complicate to handle'. Of course, a design skill is required for the new functions or events that need new signages... Maybe they don't have enough the skill - Viva Thailand 'design' center.

Ettore Sottsass says: "A good design is like the possibility of going to the moon - very few people will have the opportunity to experience it directly but its existence will change the lives of millions."

I guess not even 'design' people in our country understand this yet....

If you want to read more about it, I write an article on the project for art4d magazine, April 2007 issue, "Way Find Game".


Anonymous said...

the idea of synthetic PVC with magnet is so brilliant :) i love that!


urbanomania said...

very cute indeed. they're definitely designed for young farts.
many times in my life i've seen old folks confusing with very simple symbol like open&close buttons in evelator.
now my itchy hands feel like messing them up! hehehe.